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Lviv Regional Philharmonic Society is one of the leading concert institutions of Ukraine, which activity comprises various forms of popularization of the best samples of music art (international festivals, cycles of concerts-monographs, concerts with participation of young musicians, thematic programs for school children, etc.). Lviv Regional Philharmonic Society is one of the leading concert institutions of Ukraine, which activity comprises various forms of popularization of the best samples of music art (international festivals, cycles of concerts-monographs, concerts with participation of young musicians, thematic programs for school children, etc.).

Lviv Regional Philharmonic Society

  History of Lviv Philharmonic Society was rich and diverse in each period of its existence, «Austrian», «Polish», «Soviet», «Ukrainian». In the course of its centenary history (September 27, 1902 is considered to be an official date of its establishment), the best worldwide musicians have appeared on its stage: S.Krushelnytska, О.Myshuha, R.Strauss, G.Mahler, B.Bartok, A.Rubinstein, F.Busoni, M.Long, V.Landonska, P.Casals, and Yu.Bashmet, R.Kerer, L.Kogan, D.Oistrakh, L.Tymofeyeva, L.Isakadze, B.Rudenko, V.Gornostayeva and others have appeared there at the II-nd half of the XXth century.

  The outstanding composers D.Schostakovych, B.Lyatoshynskyy, A.Khachaturyan, A.Schnitke, V.Silvestrov, M.Skoryk, E.Stankevych have presented their authorial works.

  Worldwide famous Ukrainian musicians Oleg Krysa, Yuri Bashmet, Oleksandr Slobodyanyk, Yuri Lysychenko, Mariya Chaikovska as well as the musicians of younger generation Etella Chupryk, Joseph Ermin, Oksana Rapita, Oleksandr Kozarenko started their way into the great art exactly from the stage of Lviv Philharmonic Society.

  Annual music art festival “Virtuosos of the Country” plays an important role in the music life of Lviv of the last decades. Within the recent years both famous and young musicians from many countries of Europe, Asia and America have been the participants of the festival.

  Premieres of many compositions by the Ukrainian, in particular Lviv composers M.Skoryk, V.Lanyuk, V.Kaminskyy, O.Kozarenko are traditionally held in the Philharmonic Society, the creative heritage of the composers-classics M.Lysenko, S.Lyudkevych, V.Barvinskyy, N.Kolessa is being widely popularized.

 Large-scale works of the world classics “German Requiem” by J.Brahms, Symphony # 3 “Kaddish” by L.Bernstein, “Carmina Burana” by K.Orf, “Messiah” by G.Hendel have sounded for the first time for the Lviv residents exactly from the stage of the Philharmonic Society.

  Since 2006 the Philharmonic Society has been headed by Volodymyr Syvokhip, the Laureate of the National Prize named after V.Lysenko, who is also the founder of the International Modern Music Festival «Contrasts», Director of the International Music Art Festival «Virtuosos» and the International Conductor’s Art Festival in memory of Mykola Kolessa, which are held on the basis of Lviv Regional Philharmonic Society.

  Activity of Lviv Philharmonic Society turns around various directions, not only the music ones. Starting from the concert season of 2007-2008, the creative exhibitions, artistic meetings, music and literature performances are permanently taking place in the new art gallery “PhilArt” in the lobby of the Philharmonic Society.

  The main creative units of Lviv Philharmonic Society are: Academic Symphony Orchestra of Lviv Philharmonic Society (head conductor and art director Aydar Torybayev), Academic Chamber Orchestra “Virtuosos of Lviv” (head conductor – honored worker of arts of Ukraine Serhiy Burko), soloists of the Philharmonic Society and the instrumental ensembles.

Academic Symphony Orchestra of Lviv Philharmonic Society

History of the orchestra performance in Lviv counts more than two centuries and is connected with such names as Joseph Elsner, Johan Mederich Gallus, Franz Xaver Mozart, Karol Lypynsky, Joseph Baszni, Karol Mikuli, Meczyslaw and Adam Soltys, Ludwig Czelanski, Henry Jarezki, Henry Meltzer-Szavinski. At the beginning of the XXth century the orchestra has been lead at the time of the concert tour in Lviv by Gustav Mahler, Richard Strauss, Rujero Leonkavallo.

  The orchestra has started functioning refularly as the philharmonic one since 1933. Besides Adam Soltys, it has been lead at that time by Jacob Mund, Jerzy Kolachkovski, Stephan Sledzinski as well as by the invited conductors Kazimierz Vilkomirski, Tadeusz Mazurkevych, German Scherkhen, Ignaz Neumark, Yasha Gorenstein, Grzegorz Fitelberg. In December 1939 the new Soviet authorities “created” by its resolution the symphony orchestra in Lviv under the regional radio committee, which founders became Mykola Kolessa and Isaac Pain.

  D.Pelekhatyy, Yu.Lutsiv, R.Filipchuk, I.Yuzyuk acted as regular conductors of the orchestra at different periods, and such eminent guests as G.Rozhdestvenski, K.Kondrashyn, A.Baltys, R.Glier, L.Ginzburg, S.Kamartin, M.Katz, K.Moral, F.Mansurov, V.Ploskina, V.Sirenko, N.Sies lead the orchestra as well.

 In 2006 the orchestra was granted the title of “Academic” for its fruitful long-term activity. Aydar Torybayev has been the head conductor – art director of the orchestra since 2007. Such large-scale thematic programs as symphonies by J.Brahms, all the symphonies by F.Schubert, symphonies by L.Beethoven, symphony compositions by G.Mahler, R.Strauss, D.Schostakovich are successfully realized with his participation on the stage of the Philharmonic Society.

  Successful concert tours of the orchestra in Germany, Italy, France, Poland, Spain, Switzerland testify to the high creative potential of the collective and its ability to compete with the best European orchestras, which facilitates going out of our country into the world cultural space.

Academic Chamber Orchestra «Virtuosos of Lviv»

Chamber Orchestra «Virtuosos of Lviv» was founded in 1994 out of the best Lviv musicians. Its founder, art director and conductor is the Honored Worker of Arts of Ukraine Serhiy Burko, leader-concertmaster is the Honored Artist of Ukraine Volodymyr Duda. The orchestra had the concert tours in Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, Israel, Latin America.

The orchestra consists of 16-40 persons (depending on the program), and its repertoire comprises works by composers of different epochs and styles, starting with Bach, Korelli and ending by the contemporary Ukrainian and world music.

 «Virtuosos of Lviv» often appear with soloists and conductors from Poland, Austria, Great Britain, USA, Germany, Lithuania, Switzerland.

  The orchestra recorded several CDs and audio-albums as follows: «Anthology of the Ukrainian music», «Violinist on the Roof» and «Music for everyone», CD with the music of contemporary American composer Yuri Oleynik, CD «Antonio Vivaldi. Seasons». It also acted as an initiator of a numerous music projects («Talents of the Third Millennium», «International Philharmonic Society of the Youth » etc.).

  In 2007 the Chamber Orchestra «Virtuosos of Lviv» has been granted the title of the «Academic».


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