Radomysl Castle

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м. Радомишль, вул. Щорса, 15
Житомирська область

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Radomysl Castle in Ukraine is a historical and cultural foundation which was renovated in 2007–2011 by Olga Bogomolets MD, a Ukrainian doctor and public activist.

The castle is reconstructed on an old flour mill built in Radomysl (Zhytomyr region, Ukraine) in the late 19th century by Polish engineer Piekarski. The mill was constructed upon the ruins of a paper mill built in 1612 by the order of the archimandrite (abbot) of Kyiv-Pecherska Lavra Yelisey Pletenecki (1550–1624).Since 2011, Radomysl Castle is the part of the Council of Europe’s cultural way Via Regia, which purposes to promote cultural buildings and churches for tourism between European countries.

The main attraction of Radomysl Castle is the Museum of Ukrainian home icons. The collection comprises more than 5000 icons and sculptures (Orthodox, Catholic and Greek-Catholic).There is also a hotel, refectory hall and concert hall which seats 150 persons for classical music, chamber music, folk and jazz.

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