A national museum is in Lviv of the name of Andreya Sheptickogo

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The Andrey Sheptytsky National Museum in Lviv is one of the most important national art and culture treasuries in Ukraine. It was founded by Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky in 1905 as a private formation under the title of the “Church Museum”. Its collection was constantly enriched and in 1911 the Museum was given another name – the National Museum in Lviv. On December 13th 1913 the Museum was ceremoniously transferred to the possession of Ukrainian people and since then it is open to public.

Brought into being at the beginning of the 20th century – at the crest of national cultural renaissance in Ukraine – creation and  opening of the Museum  was in the high light of the international press in Russia, Poland, Germany, France, Italy, USA.

Professor Ilarion Svientsitsky (1876-1956), an outstanding historian, philologist, art critic, who became the first curator and long-time director of the Museum (1905-1952) was at the head of managing and supervision of the collections as well as their scientific, systematic formation. He was assisted by the Ukrainian public and especially by the  famous scholars, artists  and  public figures such as Ivan Franko, Vasyl` Shchurat, Volodymyr Shukhevych, Yosyp Botsian,  Mykhailo Pavlyk, Mykhailo Hrushevsky, Ivan Trush, Oleksa Novakivsky,  Solomiya Krushelnytska and other who actively contributed to the development of the Museum.

At present the Museum is one of the largest centers of save-keeping, study and promotion  of  Ukrainian art  heritage in Ukraine and in the world  (over 150 000 items).

The Museum boasts the most complete and the largest in Ukraine collection of Ukrainian medieval sacral art of the 12th –18th centuries. It reveals from the remote  past artistic culture of Ukraine  delivered in the originals of ancient epochs. Assemblage of icons of the 12th – 18th centuries (over 4 000 artifacts)  makes up the most valuable part of the Museum’s overall collection, pieces of the so called “Golden Age” of Ukrainian icon-painting included (i.e. “St. George the Dragon-slayer” 14th c. from Stanylia, “The Archangel Michael with Scenes Illustrating his Acts” 14th c.  from  Storonna, “St. Parasceve Friday” 14th c. from Isayi, “The Virgin Hodigitria” 14th  c. from Isayi  and  of the 15th c. from Krasiv  and other).

Valuable samples  of writing culture (11th – 18th  cc.) are represented  in the assemblage of manuscripts and rare books – to name but a few: Buchach  Gospels (early 13th c.), “Antiochus Codes of Law” (1307), Cyrillic rare books, including first editions by  Shvaipolt Fiol, Francisc Skoryna, Ivan Fedorov and other. .

In the Museum are kept unique collections of graphics (over 30 000 pieces),  sculpture, folk art (over 30 000 artifacts). In the subgroup of oil-paintings of the 19th- early 20th cc. there are art works by classics of Ukrainian Fine arts – T.Shevchenko, T.Kopystynsky, K. Ustyianovych, S.Vasylkivsky, I.Trush, O.Kulchytska, O.Novakivsky.  Variegated collection of contemporary painting and sculpture  is also extensively represented.

The permanent and temporary exhibitions as well as cultural artistic events held in the Museum  are  attended yearly by over 100 000 art admirers.  The best artworks from the extensive collections  are on display at the permanent exhibitions of “Old  Ukrainian Art of the 12th–15th cc.”, “Old Ukrainian Art of the 16th – 18th cc.” and “Ukrainian Art of the 18th– early 20th cc.”. Moreover, vast museum collections  are  also displayed  at the Art Memorial Museums of Ivan Trush, Oleksa Novakivsky, Olena Kulchytska and Leopold Levytsky (opened in the former dwellings and studios of the artists) which welcome their visitors all year round.

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