Sribni leleky

West region

вул. Чорновола, 17

Phone: +380 332 757 989
E-mail: info@leleky.com.ua
Web: leleky.com.ua


Summer price from: 355 UAH
Winter price from: 355 UAH


Date opening: 2007
Total capacity ? building: 30
Total number of rooms: 15

Services included in the price: breakfast

"Sribni Leleky" is a modern recreational complex with unique combination of green part beauty, sincere hospitality, high level of service, fashionable interior and cosy feeling of the home

The complex includes hotel  - ***, "lux"-class restaurant, "lux"-class bar , cafe and the billiard. Every room of the hotel has air conditioner, fridge, satellite TV, phone and Internet connection.

On the first floor of the hotel you can find a comfortable restaurant which bundles the luxury, perfect service and exquisite cuisine. Besides you can enjoy convenient pergolas located in green park area, billiard room, wine cellar, sauna and swimming pool. Kids will spend time on the boat-like playground.

The restaurant "Sribni Leleky" is a perfect place for special meeting, be it romantic dinner or business conversation, birthday party or other family eveny. Real gourmets will appreciate big choice of tasty dishes of sea food and meat, salads and starters. And don't forget to try one of the desserts which you will absolutely like.

Welcome to the recreational complex "Sribni Leleky" and we'll do our best to make your stay comfortable and unforgettable.

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