Ukraine is the geographical center of Europe

Ukraine is one of the mightiest countries in eastern Europe which is washed in the south by the Black and Azov seas.And from times immemorial the west of Ukraine is protected by the beautiful Carpathian mountains, and in the south – by the the Crimean mountains.Full-flowing rivers pierce the territory of Ukraine like veins.Borders on Russia, Byelorussia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Moldova, Turkey.

If you want to spend an unforgettable time  – visit Ukraine! Here it is possible to find entertainments to any taste. Interested in active tourism? You can try yourself  in hunting or climb  a mountain, also at your disposal are the best instructors who will teach you  raft  down a mountain stream on a canoe, and other interesting and extreme entertainments. Close your eyes... enfolded in a warm scarf and let dry out the drops of sea-breeze on our face, take a mouthful of sweet-scented tea and admire the beauty of  the Black sea...

Do you have rest and harmony on the soul? Then you simply must visit the Sofiivskiy Park on Uman. Here we are shrouded by unbelievable landscape and unusual trees which were once brought from the different corners of the world for wonderful Sofii.

Flashbacks… Does remember, how girls are read out little by fairy-tales about princesses and princes? As want to them to try on these dresses. In Lviv all dreams become reality. Young ladies as well, as many years ago, knocks by the selections on a roadway near the palace of Potockikh. All in long clothes from old bags cause the squall of emotions for passers-by. It does not surprise annual BAL is conducted in fact.

Did the atmosphere of holiday to please you? Does not want, that it be closed? Then visit Poltava and it Sorochinska fair. ... Does want to drive on kitty? How possibly necklace from a wild ash? Does wish to make attempt wonder-working drink of grandmothers? Well that will make attempt the forces: boys show the abilities in Cossack entertainments, girls meantime compete in culinary competitions, and children quietly eat up which already after an account lollipop.

Does smile? Does it seem not really? Quite no. Simply open eyes and look at Ukraine. It takes, charms, abandons more questions than answers. Dare, open on your own beauty of the spacious fields, picturesque location do it step of forward step to Ukraine!

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